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Interpretations of Roswell Alien Interview 1947


During March 2020, I had accidentally found the link to this document/video in a comment section of a youtube video.

My initial impressions was that the Roswell material had a ring of truth around it especially the post-script of the book, where I immediately identified the mysterious being and his wife who were the source of spiritual traditions in the world. It is Indian god, yogi Shiva and wife Parvati celebrated as a goddess in our part of the world. The names Shiva and Parvati are not mentioned explicitly but it was very clear to me, especially these lines which show their description:
“Careful observation and experimental analysis of the mechanics of memory in IS-BEs by he and his wife, who assisted him, led to the realization that IS-BEs can recover from amnesia and also regain lost abilities. Together they discovered and developed effective methods that they used to rehabilitate their own memories. They eventually codified their methods so that others can safely be trained to apply them to themselves and others, without detection by the “Old Empire” thought control operators. Their research also revealed that IS-BEs can occupy and operate more than one body at the same time — a fact that previously was thought to be uniquely limited to officers of The Domain.
Also checked the birth and death dates of Hurrem Sultan(1502-1558) and Queen Elizabeth 1(1533-1603) overlapping which matched with the Roswell information. In this Roswell document there is information about telephone invented at many parts of the world at the same time by a single being occupying many human bodies. Well that the simultaneous invention of telephone in many parts of the world is true and one can check more about that in the book “The Telephone Patent Conspiracy of 1876: The Elisha Gray-Alexander Bell Controversy and Its Many Players” plus other books and websites. Also there is also information of the same being in two bodies helping in the process of refining steel which is also true but its upto to the individual to believe whether they were the same being as that can’t be proven unless the beings involved in that invention come directly and admit it.
So I am saying these things can’t be dismissed as coincidence and one has to look at it carefully. If Lawrence the editor of the book really created this mysterious being and wife characters why he didn’t give them any historical/mythological name and why he gave info about only their recent 2 incarnations but not give detailed info on their current incarnation and just give a vague description.

Plus information about aryan invasion, the rigvedic hymns coming from gods, sanskrit being called as god’s language plus information about vishnu correctly going by rig veda not with the popular hinduism notion of 10 avatars and trinity were all very impressive at first look. The coherence of the material at first impression was unreal. Also end of last year bio-markers for the presence of life-forms on Venus were identified. The information that life-forms were present on Venus were in this book published in 2008.

Then I started looking at other reviews and stuff and the common theme was scientology and the senior master sergeant critiques. Yes I agree it is a problem Lawrence Spencer, the editor was a scientologist and similarities bw alien interview material and L Ron Hubbard’s material. These points make the people suspect whether the material is original or not, since the editor of the book has burnt the material.

We will discuss all of this in the upcoming blogs.


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